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Workout OS is the most efficient & useful Notion template to track your fitness and improve in the gym.


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We bring together everything you would ever need in the fitness center to help you advance your workouts

Outside of the gym, you can also use our diet tracker and the integrated fitness challenges to stay in shape. Or check out the data page showing you optimal ways to alter your training.

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Tracking workouts

Monitor your training in 4 simple steps

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See real improvements by progressively overloading and monitoring your development over time.

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75+ exercise templates.

Track your workouts with ease. With our system built for progressive overload and effective training, you'll be able to compare yourself to yesterday and continuously improve.


We've created a diet tracker that reuses old meals to speed up the process of tracking - you'll only have to enter macronutrients once per recipe!


Fitness challenges to keep you on track.

We've developed various challenges within three categories: perseverance, learning & testing. You'll for example be able to complete 30 day challenges, learn advanced calisthenics exercises & test your ability through endurance & strength challenges.


By collecting data throughout all databases, we've developed a dashboard which will allow you to dive into your habits and most frequently trained muscles. This empowers you to alter your programs and make them fit better around what you're lacking.

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Those that are ready to take their training to the next level

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Why Workout OS

Easier Progression

We list previously done weight, sets & reps within the exericse to ensure progression.

Incredibly Cheap

The entiry dashboard with all features, exercise templates, videos & illustrations is only $9

Detailed Stats

Use our statistics page to further analyse & improve your future training.

Lifetime Updates

You'll have lifetime access to our frequent updates through the original template.

Usage guide included

Everything you need to get started

Easy walkthrough of all main features in the template. Refer back to this page whenever in doubt.

We've created a complete usage guide which describes all databases & features in depth. It goes through all functionalities with screenshots and descriptions.

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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

Within Workout OS, you'll have access to a main workouts database, a muscles database, an exercise database with 75+ exercise templates, illustrations & videos for the most popular exercises (more videos are on the way), a database to store your programs, a usage guide, a personal profile, a data page to analyse your training, a custom coded timer for rests, a complete dieting template & 9 different fitness challenges.
Unfortunately not, the template is only allowed to be used for one person, however, you can duplicate it as much as you want for yourself if you want to start over, or perhaps use a newly released feature.
Absolutely, but we suggest being careful with editing the databases, as the whole system is connected. We've also purposefully designed it to be easy to access data from, so feel free to add your own additional pages.
Yes, you can do that right here. Furthermore, you can suggest new exercises here.

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